Barbara Kline

Barbara Menendez Kline was born in Havana, Cuba. She arrived in Miami as an infant and has since resided in South Florida. For the past twenty years, she has been involved in the real estate industry and currently owns, a successful mortgage company, which she founded in January of 2000. Barbara’s love for writing began as a child, but it was not until later in life that she decided to follow her passion of becoming a professional writer and poet.

Barbara's first award-winning poem, My Poison Flower, was published in November of 2007 in the Forever Spoken edition of The International Library of Poetry. The following year her first novel Concealed... Inside the Enemy, was released, a story inspired by one of several actual dreams. She dedicated her novel to American soldiers and has contributed a portion of the sales to The Children of Fallen Soldiers, a non-profit organization devoted to helping their families.

From its inception, Barbara envisioned Concealed… Inside the Enemy as a movie and was determined to take the necessary steps toward that end. She wrote the screenplay herself and hired a company to produce a movie teaser as an introduction to the film. She traveled to France in the summer of 2008 and attended the Cannes International Film Festival, where the idea for Inside the Enemy, the movie, was introduced and enthusiastically received.

Barbara is currently writing the second and third novels of her series of dreams, entitled Lost Soul and The Kingdom of Deceit, which she plans on finalizing by the summer of 2009. She anticipates completing another four novels and screenplays as well, in the near future. Thus, Barbara will have fulfilled her passion for bringing her books to life on the big screen…

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