Short Synopses for Future Novels
By: Barbara Kline
Lost Soul
Tormented by the loss of her little girl, a woman, with the help of dark magic, searches for her daughter in the underworld, where good and evil spirits rule. Danger follows her as the truth is revealed about her daughter’s death.

Kingdom of Deceit
Set in the 16th Century, an evil queen forces her daughter to marry a prominent, arrogant prince so her family can continue to live in wealth. When the queen discovers that her daughter has a secret lover, she orders the prince to kill him before they are to wed. Amidst a web of deceit, the remorseful prince falls in love with the princess and tries to win her heart.

Lost in Memory
A woman wakes up with amnesia from a concussion and finds herself in the middle of a mystical forest, where she is cared for by a primitive tribe. With no recollection of her identity, she falls in love with one of the tribe’s members. As her memory slowly returns, she realizes the danger she was running from and the person who wanted her dead…
her husband.

A CIA agent goes undercover to get close to the daughter of a Mafia member, who killed his best friend and colleague.
After months of trying to win her heart, he actually falls in love with her and
must choose between telling her the truth or seeking his revenge.

The Blood Avenger
An Egyptian woman accidentally kills a top government official of her country. To protect her from the dead man’s Blood Avenger, she is sent by her father to the United States, where she is stripped of her identity and heritage. In time, she falls in love with a guardsman from the museum where she is employed. As their relationship grows, she discovers that he is the Blood Avenger of the man she killed years ago in Egypt. Now she must hide before he realizes that his prey was the woman he was engaged to.

Deadly Diagnoses
A woman is given six months to live. She finds someone to replace her and take care of her two small children and husband. She purposely alienates herself from the family, only to find out months later that her disease was misdiagnosed. Now she must fight to salvage her family and regain the love of her husband..

Against all odds in a man’s world, a woman becomes one of the top NFL agents in the United States. It is there that she is forced to take an assignment to convince her old flame, a top NFL football player, fifteen years her junior, to sign with her firm. Scandal and deceit force her to make a decision between the man she loves and the career she worked so hard to achieve.

Tears of a Killer
A man and his wife, visiting New York, befriend a Hell’s Angel gang member during a train ride. After boasting about a recent robbery, the gang member threatens to kill them. The couple report him to the police and steal the thief’s money. The gang member is arrested, but upon his release, he searches for the couple to seek his revenge and retrieve the money. When the wife is found dead, the husband hides from the killer who eventually hunts him down.
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